Niagara University

Niagara University is a liberal arts university in the Vincentian and Catholic traditions. Basic to the academic, co-curricular and extracurricular programs at NU is the conviction that the students need, on the one hand, to be prepared for productive roles in society and, on the other, to be provided with the opportunity to fulfill their intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual potential. The various colleges offer courses and directed experiences which equip students for a wide variety of professions and other careers. A broadly based, integrated program of liberal arts and sciences courses, supported by an array of extracurricular activities chosen for the wide variety of their appeal, is designed to supply holistic education.

Vincentian tradition gives Niagara University its unique identity. Vincent's special dedication was to the poor and helpless. Because of its Vincentian heritage, Niagara seeks to instill in its students a deep concern for the rights and dignity of the human person, especially for the poor, the suffering, the handicapped, and the outcast. This has been recognized by The Templeton Foundation, which numbered Niagara among 100 colleges and universities nationwide that were recognized for offering programs that inspire students to lead ethical and civic-minded lives.

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